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As I look at the daily newspapers the main subject is politics.  The rather uncivil war that has boiled over after years of simmering once again exposes the Tory party to ridicule.  Boris wants Teresa’s job, so do several others. Back stabbing and attempted throat cutting are the order of the day Lies are the language of all the main protagonists and treachery is their currency.

Over to the Labour Party where Jeremy reigns supreme and, we are assured, unassailable. The once vocal opponents of the leader seem to have been struck down with laryngitis but bubbling beneath the surface is the conflict between Blairites and Corbynistas.  Not a lot different to their Tory opponents.

As for the Liberal Democrats (the party that I support), well, they are just gasping for the breath they need in order to recover from the damage they suffered through being in bed with Cameron’s Tory’s for five years.  We all look to Sir Vince for inspiration but the oracle has not yet spoken.

You may well say that it has ever been thus and you are right.  Sadly our expectations are so low that they are practically non existent when it comes to politicians we just don’t expect honour, truthfulness or any other virtue from any of our politicians.

We do however expect a modicum of decency from church leaders and nine and a half times out of ten we get it. There are not many really charismatic Christian leaders in England today but there are hundreds of good, kind, truthful compassionate ministers up and down the country.  Most of these good men and women are passionately interested in politics because it determines the state of the nation and the well-being of its citizens.  This is right and proper for all Christians but things can go terribly wrong when Christian leaders become partisan in their zeal for a political leader. And that is where REPOLTICGION comes in and people get hurt.

There was a so called prophesy circulating in evangelical circles recently that went something like this:  ‘God has put Teresa May in power to take us out of the evil E.U.  She is the most Godly person in the house of commons and kneels at her desk to pray before making decisions.’  Ergo:  ‘If you want to be on God’s side you will be a Tory Brexiteer.’

People get hurt when a church leader mixes party politics with religion.  I believe that the E.U. is the most successful peace project that the world has known. It is not Satanic, evil or anti-Christian.  You do not have to support the Labour, Lib Dem or Tory Party in order to please God who is far above our squabbling be it political or religious but near to all his/her creation.

“Lord, deliver us fro the divisiveness of Party politics. Amen.

* A word coined to describe a mixture of religion and politics.